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There is a paradigm shift taking place in marketing, consumers no longer want to be broadcast to, they expect to have a voice in how your brand interacts with them. Are you listening?

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The Chinese teach about two motions in the universe, a straight line and a circle.

When you apply this thought to business and more specifically, marketing, it makes sense.  You either acquire customers directly.  Meaning they walk through your door, dial your number or visit your website.  Or they come indirectly, by referral or recommendation.

Both motions are important for your business to succeed and grow. 

Gaining customers through referral or recommendation is by far less expensive than traditional methods such as direct mail or advertising.  With the advance of technology, social media is the fastest growing medium for businesses to reach potential customers. 

Social media is based on spheres of influence, social circles and networks.  In short, it capitalizes on relationships.  The relationships businesses build with customers directly (straight line) and the relationships those customers have with other like-minded individuals (circles).

At MantychGroup Marketing, we want to help your business join the conversation.